Benoît Lachambre


From October 2nd to 13th
11am - 5pm


Open studio

Friday October 13th at 4pm


Contact us

on 01 417 417 07




Dynamics of fluids and sensorial memories

During his research lab at Atelier de Paris, Benoît Lachambre will explore the materialization of presence and relational memory. Conveying a heightened awareness of the dynamics of fluids, the choreographer is proposing a new interpretation of movements, systems and corporeal architectures. With the aim of reconnecting with the innermost sensations of the body, he sets up a relationship between inner and external architectures, inviting participants to immerse themselves in the feelings experienced by energetic bodies.

Benoît Lachambre works on the alignment and imagination of participants, who are invited to sharpen their sensorial acuity through an awareness of the nature of the gesture in a specific context: a living space. For 25 years, he has felt the need to transmit his knowledge of kinaesthetic and somatic approaches, experimental techniques with which he has structured his work throughout his career and developed a genuine expertise.

Recognizing the importance of collective knowledge, on both a technological and pedagogical level, he is eager to share his experience for the benefit of the community, opening up new avenues for reflection. He has developed a welcoming pedagogical framework based on listening and sharing.