Loïc Touzé

from 23 to 27 April from 11 am to 5 pm

Individual rate: 260 €

Organizational fee: 780 €



Friday 27 April at 4 pm

free entry by reservation



For more information on enrollment and funding opportunities, please contact us at 01 417 417 07 or masterclasses@atelierdeparis.org

What does a dance show?


Loïc Touzé have been conducting theoretical and practical investigations around the figure in dance for several years now. They call figures sensitive epiphanies that, in the creation of a gesture or its performance, take shape, break into the body, awaken memories and relics there, and lead the eye to visual excess — the dance is about clairvoyance.  How does a dancing body allow us to see more than it shows?  Working on the figure is a craft; it requires specific tools. The challenge of working protocols is to produce performance fictions.  How do we create a dance that is the by-product of an imaginary storyline between those who do and those who watch?