Myriam Gourfink

Creation workshop 2 weeks
from 2th to 12th may
11am - 5pm

friday 12th may at 4pm
entrée libre sur réservation

individuals : 500€
institutions : 1500€

Financial support can be provided (Afdas...)

More informations, contact us
au 01 417 417 07

“Too Generate”

For twenty years, Myriam Gourfink has held breathing techniques and yogic meditation at the heart of her composition process. Dance is guided by the elasticity of respiratory movements. By allowing himself to take all the time necessary to truly feel, the dancer understands that breath allows him to transfer his weight in a continuous movement, millimeter by millimeter, while remaining completely in balance. So this dance is born out of overlapping — the time the performer takes to perform it, his knowledge of the distribution of weight and counterweight to move without tension, the volume and fluidity of his breath. These three aspects and their interconnectedness create a form of dance conceived within the notion of perpetual transition. This intensive participatory workshop will offer interns the opportunity to experience the physical and mental practices at the origins of the choreographer’s process, and share the compositional tools Gourfink has developed, based on current music world practices and through her study of Labanotation.