Rosalind Crisp

from 3 to 13 April from 11 am to 5 pm

Individual rate: 500 €

Organization price: 1500 €



Friday, April 13 at 4 pm

free entry by reservation


For more information on enrollment and funding opportunities, please contact us at 01 417 417 07 or




For twenty years Rosalind Crisp has been deconstructing her dancing body, evolving a field of choreographic principles and tools that enable a dance artist to produce movement with any part of her body at any time. Her current research draws attention to the continual flow of information emanating from the body itself, with tools to roam between sensation, imagination and the choreographic palette, and ways to saturate the attention compelling the dancer to go beyond the ‘rules’. In the porosity between sensation and movement, feelings and images that concern the artist in the world may be pulled through the dancing body.