Thomas Hauert

from january 16th to 20th
11 am - 5 pm

friday 20th january at 4pm
Free admission on reservation

individuals : 260€
institutions : 780€

Financial support can be provided  (Afdas...)

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au 01 417 417 07

One, two, many

Deploying a complex network of movements connected in time, space and the body, without the intervention of a central authority — the playful improvisational structures of Thomas Hauert’s “Zoo” form a dynamic integrated system of unpredictable behavior, within which some dancers initiate movement and others respond to it. That reaction triggers another movement within the same structure, or initiates a completely new development. Drawing freely from a shared repertory of physical principles, the dancers are responsible for the invention and execution of their own movement, but also for the creation and development of group structures. They must adapt their individual roles within a dynamic constellation of constantly changing mechanisms. The cognitive capacities of such a system far exceed the simple sum of the capacities of the individual dancers. It’s in large part based on intuition — as Hauert emphasizes, a neurophysiological faculty that tends to be developed through practice.