Vincent Dupont

from 27th march to 1st april
11am - 5pm

saturday 1st april at 4pm
Free admission on reservation

individuals : 300€
institutions : 900€

Financial support can be provided (Afdas, ADAMI...)

More informations, contact us
au 01 417 417 07


“Corps soufflés”

Propelled by the conviction that the interconnectedness of the arts creates meaning, Vincent Dupont’s workshop offers a space for experimentation and reflection around two compositions: that of the body and that of the voice. Two compositions that advance together, simultaneously, without one dominating the other, allowing the presence of each to find new points of support, a new articulation. To attain that space, Vincent Dupont, along with Valery Joly and Maxime Fabre, will present various warm-up, practice and reflection strategies. By focusing on the breath, as the first ceaseless, rhythmic sonorous movement — that of the lungs — participants will attempt to grasp all of the echoes transmitted through the entire body. Those echoes, where sound and movement are closely intertwined, will lead the dancers toward improvisational spaces, in touch with their own breath. They will also try to grasp how, in some circumstances, two compositions can find — within a common vibration — a balancing point and, at that precise moment, project a new score.