Scarlett's scared

Ruth Childs et Stéphane Vecchione


Ruth Childs

Stéphane Vecchione

Sound engineer

Jérémie Conne

©Marie Magnin



SCARLETT’S FALL is an electro-pop experimental duo formed by Ruth Childs, a performer, singer and dancer, and Stéphane Vecchione (drummer, composer, performer). Their electronic, girly, dirty, kitchen, pop music combines lively melodies with repetitive loops, layers of cinematic ambience, groovy rhythms, and a fragile voice that contrasts with provocative lyrics. Their second album SCARLETT’S SCARED is inspired by the films KLUTE (1971, Alan J Pakula) and METTI UNA SERA A CENA (1969, Giuseppe Patroni Griffi). The lyrics bring to mind telephone calls from a stalker, insomnia, sexual tension, night terrors, racing thoughts, vampires, ghost sand even an explosive watermelon attack!


LABEL Mental Groove Records

Scarlett’s Fall is subsidized by ville de Lausanne, le Canton de Vaud et Pro Helvetia