Soumaya Phéline

DJ Set – Fête de clôture

samedi 15 juin23 h 00

Gratuit !

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Soumaya Phéline est active sur la scène musicale bruxelloise depuis 2006. Sa contribution en tant que promoteur a animé la vie de nuit de la capitale belge avec des soirées comme High Needs Low and Holy Something. Elle anime une émission musicale sur Kiosk Radio qui s’appelle « Soumaya Phéline & les copains ».


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Soumaya Phéline has been active in Brussels’ local music scene since 2006. Her contribution as a promoter has been animating the city’s nightlife through parties such as High Needs Low and Holy Something. She hosts ‘Soumaya Phéline & les copains’ show on Kiosk Radio.

Soumaya’s journey through electronic music is a horizontal one. Vacillating from one electronic genre to another she pays particular attention to narratives through unsettling sounds. Her Dj-sets play with the crowd’s expectations of kicks: carefully questioning them while keeping an eye on the dance-floor’s desires till the early dawn.

Ranging from house to techno with warm basslines and mesmerizing melodies her influences are many. Her performances are testimonies of how a Dj deals with an imperative for locating oneself within music culture.

If electronic music has been deeply influenced by an outer space imaginary, Soumaya belongs to those who bring our attention back to the outerspaceness of earthy sounds.